EGER, SIMḤAH BUNIM BEN MOSES (1770–1829), Hungarian talmudist, younger brother of akiva eger the Younger. Eger was also known by the family names of Guens and Schlesinger. After studying under his brother Akiva and then continuing his studies in Krotoszyn, he was appointed rabbi of Rogasen and in 1810 of Mattersdorf, where he remained until his death. Some of his novellae are printed in his brother's Ḥiddushei Rabbi Akiva Eger (1858) which also includes their halakhic correspondence. Eger was also in correspondence   with his relative moses sofer , with Mordecai Michael Jaffe, author of Beit Menaḥem, and with Israel Moses b. Aryeh Loeb, author of Rishmei She'elah. His novellae were later published as an appendix to his brother's responsa (2nd part; 1938). His sons were JOSEPH GINZ of Vienna, founder of the well-known publishing firm of Schlesinger; SAMUEL GENZ, rabbi of Abrany (Hungary), who published many of his novellae in the talmudic periodical Tel Talpiyyot (ed. D. Karzburg); and MOSES, rabbi and preacher in Hamburg. His daughter married Zalman Ulman, rabbi of Makow. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: Wreschner, in: JJLG, 2 (1904), 34; Moses, ibid., 18 (1927), 313f.; P.Z. Schwartz, Shem ha-Gedolim me-Ereẓ Hagar, 1 (1913), 20b no. 1; 2 (1914), 39b no. 63 (Samuel Ginz); I. Kunstadt, Lu'aḥ Ereẓ he-Ḥadash (1915), introd.; B. Wachstein, Die Inschriften des alten Judenfriedhofes in Wien, 2 (1917), 168; S. Sofer, Iggerot Soferim (1929), 2nd pagination, 42–44, 55; J.J. (L.) Greenwald (Grunwald), Maẓẓevat Kodesh (1952), 140–2. (Itzhak Alfassi)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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